Polydist Limited, as the name signifies, is a Distribution house of polymers all over the world. It has an extensive network coverage of suppliers and customers in EMEA, Far East Asia and Brazil (to cover whole of South America) which allows it to position itself as a key strategic distributor.

The concept of Distribution is totally different from Trading. A Trader normally purchases from the Manufacturer when the prices are low and sells to the End-Users when the prices are high. Contrary to that, the Distributor constantly distributes the product of the Manufacturers to the End-Users on regular basis.

We deal in all polymers/ plastic raw material such as PET Bottles & Textile grade, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PS, ABS & all other commodity, Engineering plastics, Additives, Enhancer and Pigments (TiO2).